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London Volleyball Association

We're the governing body of volleyball in London and run the London Volleyball Leagues for men and women, support junior squads representing London in national competitions and help with referees and coaches.

Clubs in London welcome players of all standards into the indoor, beach and sitting versions of the game.

Recent News
  • [2018/3/15] Shorter April days
    National Finals (Knock-out Cup and Shield)
    Volleyball England to use two court lay-out
    The announcement was made yesterday (14th March) that Volleyball England has decided to change the format of matches for the Cup and Shield finals. It will be a trial, the statement continued.
  • [2018/3/15] 1m75?
    Work opportunity (Piece of Cake Casting)
    Casting Agency searching for women players
    Frankie Moore, Chairwoman of Polonia Ladies Volleyball Club has heard from an extras casting agency based in Surrey called, "Piece of Cake Casting". It claims to have worked on a huge variety of films and is looking for very specific sports women so we are posting their request it case you could be one.
  • [2018/3/14] Reflecting on sand between your toes
    London Beach Volleyball
    Richmond announce summer beach volleyball programme
    We know that some hardy souls play beach volleyball all the year round. Few of the remaining volleyball players are yet giving much thought to the beach game. However, administrators at Richmond Volleyball Club are ahead of us all and their programme for the 2018 summer is published on their web site.
  • [2018/3/13] Giving for the Gold Coast
    Support for Beach athletes at Commonwealth Games
    Plea from Volleyball England Foundation
    It involves sacrifice to become a international athlete. English volleyball's financial situation is well known and it wants to support two pairs at the Beach Volleyball in next month's Commonwealth Games. It has recently launched an appeal for individual and corporate help through its charitable foundation
  • [2018/3/13] Richmond and EBC Greenhouse in last eight
    Under 18 National Championship (men and women)
    Road to Kettering
    The Championships have reached the last eight stage and on Sunday 25th March the teams will each play three others in a pool of four with the winners of one playing the runners up of the other to decide the finalists on Sunday 15th April. This series of matches and the finals will be staged at the National Volleyball Centre in Kettering. London is delighted to have one representative in the women's competition and three in the men's.
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