Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Lynx blast Black

Onyx Black lost to Lynx, 14:21 20:22 22:24, Men’s Premier Division (London Volleyball League)

Contest grew closer and closer

Lynx won their first match of the season with the result that every side in the division has at least one victory while Onyx Black recorded their fourth loss in seven games, the greatest number of all the entrants although, having played more games than most, enjoy an elevated position in the league table as we take a mid-winter break.

Lynx blasted off to a great start and were quickly 0:3 and 1:8 in front, a situation from which Black found it impossible to recover although they pretty well matched their visitors point for point thereafter and ending the first set still seven points adrift. The rest of the match was very close indeed and enthralled those watching at the Harrow Club.

With one side and then the other taking the lead in the second set, the score board seemed to be showing a tie as often as a leader. When Onyx recovered from 16:19 to 19:all, Antonio Codrington.
sought a time out. When they then went in front once again 20:19, he called another. His firm instructions did what was required: Kacper Rutkowski’s steady serving added a little more pressure and the subsequent run of points provided a two set lead.

Onyx started the third set going 6:3 ahead but Lynx then steadied their play and moved in front at 9:10. From that point things were close and the atmosphere tense. Things were tied at 20:all and 21:all but Lynx confidence seemed to grow as Lynx’s 22nd point rotated Kacper to position one. The successful formation triumphed once again and the match was won.


Onyx Black
Starting Six: Alaeldein Ajeep, Michael Hannon, Scott Nystrom, Janusz Piatek, Luciano Quercia (captain), Audrius Tracauskas,
Libero: Russel Sandoval
Other players: Heiner Alzate Mladen Bundalo, Silvio Cossu, Martin Niederste-Osthol, L Zabahia.
Coach: Heiner Alzate.

Starting Six: Jakub Jurak, Ugnius Marganavicius, Kacper Rutkowski, Benas Sileika, Mohammed Sliti, Lance Symister,
Libero: Xuanthe Nguyen.
Other players: Guido Petersons.
Coach: Antonio Codrington.

Referee: Herman Prada.

Harrow Club, Ladbroke Grove, 15th December