Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Junior Volleyball

Our focus at the LVA is to attract junior players into volleyball from all ages and walks of life. To do this, we’ve mapped out 3 key strategies to focus on which we believe will organically expand the sport:

  1. Attracting more primary schools to offer volleyball or volleyball related activities to grow the early years development
  2. Support adult clubs who aspire to have a junior offering with developing their programs.
  3. Offer local competitions for developmental players, granting everyone more court time experience.

We have a program offering for primary schools in specific London Boroughs that have – would you like to get something like this setup in your school or borough . Get in touch so we can help you out.

We have helped 4 London clubs get setup with junior programmes, by offering consultations on how to build an effective and affordable junior offering at their adult club. If you are an adult volleyball club looking to expand your junior offering, get in touch so we can help you out.

We offer Grand prix style tournaments for U12, U15 and U18 age groups. The tournament runs on weekends throughout the volleyball season, and is aimed towards developmental players looking to get more competition exposure. Would you like to host or play at a LVA Grand Prix event? Get in touch here.