Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

London Juniors shine at Inter-Regionals

Our U15 and U17 girls and boys’ teams manage to bring 4 medals back home, continuing to be a strong presence on the England Inter Regionals.



The England Junior Volleyball Inter-regionals witnessed a remarkable display of skill and teamwork from the London Juniors, who emerged with a stunning medal haul across various categories.


U15 Girls 

The U15 girls’ team showcased their resilience and determination, battling through tough matches to secure the bronze medal. After losing access to the finals against Yorkshire, they claimed the bronze medal with a 2-0 victory over the West Midlands. 



Our team:

Adia Molaei 

Ally Owen-Crompton

Ayse Morgul 

Elisha d’Almeida 

Erica Soledad

Erika Hashimoto

Goksu Manav

Kristina Okoro

Lewhat Solomon

Leela Davies

Mikeighla Cabrejas

Oyku Ozturk

Zeynep Sen

Zonnia Andruszkiewicz



U15 Boys 

Not to be outdone, the U15 boys mirrored the success of their female counterparts, also clinching a bronze medal. The boys displayed excellent sportsmanship and tactical prowess on the court, proving that the future of London volleyball is in capable hands.



Our team: 

Ollie Harrison

Ryan Wartnaby

Joshua Szlajcher

William Meehan

Adam Has

Oskar Redestowicz

Dylan McEwen

Aleksandr Donchenko

Alexander Hristov

Ashwin Aiyer Anand

Matheus Neris Guimarães

Albert Ruddick



U17 Girls 

The U17 girls’ team dominated the competition, leaving no doubt about their strength on the court. Their powerful serves and dynamic attacks earned them the gold medal with a victory over South West 2-0. The team won their third title for a third straight year.



Our team:

Anna Szentessy

Anja Eminio

Adela Rodrova

Alex Fiszer

Duru Beyazit

Dani Monterosso

Florence Ingham

Ginevra Merlini

Gurem Nuri

Imge Esmer

Josephine Melph

Minel Esma

Nika Klimko



U17 Boys

The U17 boys’ team demonstrated a level of play that was nothing short of inspirational. Their gold medal victory was a culmination an unyielding team spirit that carried them through the tournament. The final win against West Midlands 2-1 guaranteed the title for our team.



Our team:

Gabriel Teixeira


Zachary Pavitt

Johnel Iynch

Mohammad Ahmed


Romario Stambolliu

Abinson Dixon

Ethan Blissette

Dan Sampson

Harry Palazzolo


Cedrick Rarang

Nicholas Heiner



The success of the London Juniors at the Inter-regionals is a clear indicator of the region’s commitment to developing volleyball.