Tue. May 28th, 2024

Women’s 1A – Start

The competition begins soon: the prize, a place in the Premier Division. In a few days’ time at the Mulberry Academy on 11th November, Giants visit to take on Lionhearts Fury. However, the fixtures do not begin to pile up until 21st when Dynamo Divas entertain Lynx followed, a day later by Flaming 6 Llamas’ visit to London Bears in Balham. Two days after that Llamas will be at home to Lionhearts with Wimbledon Wildkats playing their first match of the campaign next evening when Divas visit.

London looks forward to a great season.


Fixture List

11 Nov Lionhearts Fury v Giants

21 Nov Dynamo Divas v Lynx

22 Nov London Bears v Flaming 6 Llamas

26 Nov Lynx v Giants

28 Nov Flaming 6 Llamas v Lionhearts Fury

29 Nov Wimbledon Wildkats v Dynamo Divas