Thu. May 30th, 2024

London Spikers Volleyball Club

London Spikers started as “Spiker Studs” back in 1995 as a cute name to go along with with our sisters in their volleyball club Dynamo Dykes. The club began life as a casual drop in play session and has grown into a much liked fixture of London’s gay lifestyle.


LSVC’s early roots stem from encouraging gay men to participate in sport and we’ve grown into a unique mixed volleyball club culture. We promote the key values of inclusiveness, skills development, team work, mutual support/respect, achievement, celebration and enjoyment.

London Spikers has a long traditional history of being a friendly diverse place for men from around the world. It is probably one of the most diverse group of sporting gay men in the country and its members are proud of the friendships and team work that this diversity inspires.

The club also throws an international tournament (LIVE) every October. All are free to register and play competitively followed by social events where players from across the world can meet and mingle.