Thu. May 30th, 2024

ONYX Volleyball Club


Onyx Volleyball Club is a nonprofit official volleyball club, registered with a volleyball governing body VOLLEYBALL ENGLAND.

Onyx is based in London and provides affordable opportunities to everyone regardless of age and gender, and aims to become a place where every volleyball athlete would love to belong.

Onyx Volleyball Club plays in London League and our men’s and women’s teams who compete in the highest divisions (Premier League and Division 1) have championed the League for three consecutive years obtaining promotions, trophies and medals. Our teams also participate in Volleyball England National Cup every year, pursuing new challenges. Some of the players in Onyx have previously represented their national (European) teams and are well known within volleyball community.

Onyx Volleyball is also proud to have exclusivity in representing Great Britain team in an elite international competition Nations Cup in Russia – event that happens yearly during May for a period of one week.

Onyx Volleyball is a remarkable Club that focuses on bringing together people that progressively share the same values such as honesty, loyalty, commitment and passion for volleyball.

Onyx is a place that creates opportunities for individ
ual athletes to grow in a team with the possibility to represent Onyx Club in London competitions providing them a platform to face challenges and scoop rewards that make an impact into the volleyball community.

Onyx’ self-motivated management is committed to work effectively on strengthening our principle of a free spirit community where everyone will be exposed to challenges, to enhance potential and to develop a sense of achievement. We are committed to create a friendly and fun environment where everyone feels proudly welcome.

Onyx is directed to become a community that allows us to connect, share, support and care for each other. We are a place that inspire our players to challenge their potentials, achieve remarkable results and develop a career in the volleyball industry.

London League Champions Season 2016-2017
London League Champions Season 2017-2018
London League Champions Season 2018-2019