Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Triple title thrust

Mid season review Men’s 2C Division (London Volleyball League)
Pursuing pair

AVC beat Phoenix. Phoenix beat Lionhearts Pride. Pride beat AVC. The battle for promotion is going to feature large for the rest of the season and with Fireball and Wimbledon Wolves 2 each having just lost twice, it could well be a five way campaign.

London Phoenix travel to Londinium on 10th January to open the second part of the season, eager to remain in the leading trio at the top of the table. AVC will be equally keen two days later and for the same reason when they are scheduled to play away at Flaming 6 Cougars, always dangerous opposition despite their inferior record in 2019. The third of the leading trio, Lionhearts Pride, will be at home the same day and are due a visit from Wimbledon Wolves 2 who, with games in hand, could prove a threat. The other teams in the division meet a week later when Fireball travel to Wormwood Scrubs for their home game against Tunnel Diggers, a side never to be underestimated as Cougars and AVC will testify.

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton