Tue. May 28th, 2024

Flaming 6 Llamas prove inextinguishable

Academy heads the challengers

The unsatisfactory nature of the conclusion to the competition forced on the sport by the Covid-19 virus was most marked in this division; Flaming 6 Llamas, runaway winners, surely deserve to be playing at a higher standard. They were not unbeatable, though: Wimbledon Flames were jumping for joy for days after a five set win at home while both K S Osemka and Polonia Academy took them to five sets.

Behind them, both Academy and Osemka finished on 38 points  but Polonia Academy gets the promotion with a win 3:1 win over Osemka in December, with the rest of the division close together eight points or more adrift: Richmond on 30, Londinium and Flames on 29, Westminster on 27 and Divas and White on 25. It had been a great competition until that tiny virus spoiled it all.

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton