Thu. May 30th, 2024

Stingrays’ threat overcome

It proved tough for Inter Stingrays. When they met SQUAD at their home court they went down 19:21 in the fourth set. On that result the whole competition was decided. The virus certainly ruined a season of sport.

There is nothing, of course, to say SQUAD would not have won the return and had a claim to a place in the Premier Division next season. The teams below this pair competed well although their three set victory over Lionhearts Fury showed IVA Homa were worthy of third place. Wapping Tigers took Fury to five sets and Homa needed five to overcome Flaming 6 Coyotes while Onyx Yellow beat Fury in four sets.

Imperial College played three fewer games than Onyx Yellow so earning several more “free” points. They may feel fortunate that there is no relegation to next season’s divisions.

As per LVA Executive board’s decision to end the season early only one team will be relegated to Division 2 (Imperial College Woman) meaning ladies Division 1 pools will have 9 teams next season.

Douglas Barr-Hamilton