Thu. May 30th, 2024

London League Men’s Premier Division

Spikers Powerball beat Richmond 16:21 17:21 21:19 21:19 15:5

It’s long, long time since a London League volleyball result appeared on the League Republic web site that hosts the association’s competition details. The new season has had its opening match and what a match! What a great return for London volleyball!

It all began so well for Richmond at their visit to Powerball’s venue at the City of Westminster College in Paddington. Although their hosts won the opening rally, they were quickly 1:8 in front and looking comfortable. The home side staged something of a recovery in mid set and closed the gap to five points but could not cut it further. For most of the second set there was nothing between the teams, one then the other leading by a single point until Richmond levelled things at 17:all. L Miccek rotated to serve. His consistent serving took them two sets in front.

The next two sets were very close. Powerball enjoyed a small lead for most of the third but Richmond closed to 18:19 after a time-out two rallies earlier and it began to look as though the evening might belong to the visitors but the hosts had other ideas. Successive rallies went to the side receiving service and Powerball were back in the match. The fourth turned out to be almost the reverse of the third with Richmond a few point in front until caught at 13:all when they sought a time out. It restored success briefly but Powerball were back on terms at 16:all then moved 18:17 in front. Richmond were not finished and threatened again at 18:19 only to drop successive points and look disconcerted by the unusual ploy of a time out called by the dominant side. It proved to be a wise tactic and the match was all square.

Powerball looked like a new side in the fifth. They raced to a 6:0 lead despite the visitors’ time-out at 3:0 then moved ahead 8;2, 11:4 and 13:5 when Richmond’s cause was clearly over, one minute short of two hours after they had begun.


Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton