Thu. May 30th, 2024

Women’s 1B – Start

The competition has begun: the prize, a place in the Premier Division, the opening match between Lionhearts Cats and Flaming 6 Cobras at Mulberry Academy on Monday 8th November. The second game in the division is scheduled for a week later when Wapping Tigers are due to visit Flaming 6 to take on Coyotes, the Flaming 6 club’s other team in the division. Two days later Onyx Yellow will be at home to Inter Stingrays who play again four days after that, at home to Lionhearts Cats. The following day Wapping Tigers visit Flaming 6 Cobras then the month finishes with Inter Stingrays facing Malory Red Eagles on 26th and Onyx Yellow at home to Lionhearts Cats on 29th.

London looks forward to a great season.


Fixture List

8 Nov Lionhearts Cats v Flaming 6 Cobras

13 Nov Flaming 6 Coyotes v Wapping Tigers

15 Nov Onyx Yellow v Inter Stingrays

19 Nov Inter Stingrays v Lionhearts Cats

20 Nov Flaming 6 Cobras v Wapping Tigers

26 Nov Inter Stingrays v Malory Red Eagles

29 Nov Onyx Yellow v Lionhearts Cats