Thu. May 30th, 2024

Women’s 2A – Start

The competition has begun although, as in the B division, the first fixture in this division is not until 16th November when K S Osemka’s will be at home against Polonia Academy at St Benedict’s School in Ealing. Indeed, the month is a quiet one as there are just two other games in the schedule. Londinium are to visit Onyx to play White on 21st and Polonia Academy have their second match on 24th playing Willesden Divas at home.

There will be six more games in December and these involve Richmond and Wimbledon Flames each of which has a home fixture in the first week of the month.

London looks forward to a great season.


Fixture list

16 Nov K S Osemka v Polonia Academy

21 Nov Onyx White v Londinium

24 Nov Polonia Academy v Willesden Divas