Thu. May 30th, 2024

Malory Eagles Volleyball Club


Malory Eagles Volleyball Club was formed in 2009 by the merger of White Eagles Volleyball Club and Malory Volleyball Club.
The clubs had been playing volleyball since the mid 1970’s and were well known in the UK.

Who we are

Malory Eagles is an Amateur Sports Club based in South West London, and all our training venues are around Tooting.

Without doubt, our Coaches are vital to the Club!
Head Coach is Jefferson Williams, with numerous titles under his belt and over 40 years of experience.
Carol Gordon and Carlos Johnson are also part of the family along with many other great Coaches!


As well as being the most successful, we aim to be the best Volleyball Club in the UK, both on and off the court.

Players of all age, LGBT  and all nationalities are very welcome.
Currently, we are counting over 150 players!
Along with a few non-playing buddies and volunteers being part of the wider Malory Eagles family.

In 2019/20 season we had 3 Women and 4 Men teams competing in the Volleyball England Super League and London Volleyball League Divisions 1 and 2.

For 2020/21 our Women Malory Eagles Black  got promoted to the Premier League.
Also, our Malory Eagles Red girls moved up in the Division 1!

Moreover, our Malory Eagles UEL Women and Men  finished once again in the Top UK 5 Teams of the Volleyball England Super League !


Last but not least, our Junior Teams have strong presence at their own championships.
We have a big number of Juniors representing English National Teams; and support all of our Malory Eagles squads.

Bright example, our Malory Eagles Black had more than half of the squad with players U19!
Our girls helped greatly to get the promotion in the Premier League for 2020/21!

Another great story, our Malory Eagles EBC  boys, all players U18 who got 2nd competing against adults in the London Division 2B.

If you have an U18 player keen to learn more about Volleyball, then we would love to hear from you!

Contact / Join us!

So, being a Malory Eagle should be pretty good…
Why not check us out, your first coached session is on us.

Here’s what you do…
1.  Get in touch (email or through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
2. Come along and enjoy your free taster training
3. Register so we can stay in touch
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5. Decide how you wish to pay your fees
6. Have fun, fly high!