Thu. May 30th, 2024

Men’s Premier 19-20 Season Summary

SQUAD way out in front
Chasing pack of five almost in line abreast
The only blip in SQUAD’s drive for the men’s title was an unlikely defeat by Onyx Black at the beginning of December. And that should not have happened. An administrative error meant no match officials arrived and the match was forfeit. That game apart, they have driven imperiously towards the title and must feel frustrated that it could not continue until Easter. The title of champion is well deserved, therefore, if a little spoiled by the fact that five very close challengers could not have a chance for revenge.

Only a single point separated those five teams when the season was cut short: Onyx first team, Richmond and Inter all finished with six points with Wapping Wildcats and Onyx Black on five.
Lynx took a set off SQUAD, Richmond and Inter Barracudas so, despite closing the season behind Lionhearts Alpha, showed how competitive the second half of the season might have been.

Douglas Barr-Hamilton