Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

COVID-19 Guidance for the LVA London League

This document has been produced by the London Volleyball Association in response to COVID-19. We advise that the measures below be put in place to mitigate potential risks to players, coaches, officials, event organisers, volunteers and spectators. 

This document will be reviewed monthly and will be updated as regularly as is required. The document will be distributed to clubs and teams each time it is updated. 

  1. Participants should take a lateral flow test immediately (or as close as possible) before traveling to a competition or training session – and should not travel but isolate if the result is positive. 
  2. Teams not to change ends unless one end provides a significant advantage to a team. The 1st referee has the responsibility to determine this. 
  3. Referees can use whatever whistles they wish to use. 
  4. There should be no line judges, and only one scorer at a volleyball match. 5. Home teams are responsible for sanitising the balls after each set. 6. We will not stop at 15 points to clean the ball or sanitise hands. 
  5. A COVID-19 Officer is not required to be present. 
  6. A risk assessment including COVID-19 is advised to be produced. 9. The LVA does not require COVID-19 Passports. 
  7. Line up sheets are required as per the regulations. 
  8. Scoresheets must be completed using your own pen. 
  9. Spectator attendance is determined by the host venue. There should be no spectators at matches. 
  10. No normal handshaking to be done after the match. Teams to stand on the 3m line. 14. All teams must bring their own hand gels and sanitise their hands after each set. 
  11. All personnel in attendance who aren’t playing should wear a face covering. This includes coaches, officials, and players when they’re not on court. 

Updated: 16 December 2021