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Eagles stun Polonia while Richmond hit the top

It might well have been the most significant day in the Men’s Super League on Saturday (23rd January) when all the results are analysed. Two of the men’s league’s title contenders clashed in Northolt when IBB Polonia welcomed Malory Eagles and found their opponents in fine form, shading a close first set and, duly motivated, taking the next two. Malory, with games in hand, go third. Yet it was an encouraging result for Polonia who commented afterwards, “Despite the result, the performance on court was encouraging and impressive as declared by the visiting coaches and spectators. As the season progresses, the on court performance is improving and this was great for all to see for the large number of home supporters.”

Meanwhile Richmond Docklands struck a claim to be London’s top side actually flying into top spot in a comprehensive three set victory over Sheffield Hallam, 

Along with University of Nottingham, Richmond Bucks and Stockport are setting the pace in Men’s Division One and this pair met in Kingston in a double bill with Docklands, winning in four sets to emulate the climb to top of the table.

Inter Orcas enlarged the divide between the top four and the bottom five in the Women’s Super League when they beat Tendring although the tight scoring four sets suggests the differences are not too great.

In that bottom half Inter Crocs visited the University of Nottingham to avoid last place but in the closest of three set games, failed to avoid that fate. 

Richmond travelled to top of the Women’s Division One table Bristol and looked capable of springing a surprise as they took the first set but, disappointingly, lost the next three. The result pushes the London side into bottom place but they have a game in hand over South Wales and two over Dartford who are just above them.

Travelling to Aldershot in Women’s Division Three league mid table Richmond 2 first played the other visitors, Northampton and they were edged out of the points in three very close sets but then overcame a strong first set challenge by U K Armed Forces to dominate the next two. 

Next day on Sunday was a key match in Men’s Super League and Sunderland surprised IBB Polonia who had beaten them in three sets in late October, winning with the identical score as Malory day before. A disappointed Polonia commented afterwards, “The lack of experience and game awareness of the young players caused uncertainty on court and breaks in concentration.”

Richmond Bucks continued a successful weekend in Men’s Division One in an exciting and well contested match with Manchester Marvels. Beating their two closest rivals in one weekend was just cause for post match celebration.

Inter’s Crocs and Orcas faced one another across the net in the Women’s Super League and the senior team won in three sets; although Crocs threatened a fourth set by challenging hard in the second.


Meanwhile Polonia SideOut maintained its unbeaten record, the only one in the division, in overcoming Tendring who had threatened something of a shock in the third.

There was a London derby in Women’s Division One and, playing at home, Richmond triumphed over Dartford despite losing the second set. It was the team’s first win of the league season. Dartford has won only once too as has South Wales. It looks as though these three will be have to battle to avoid relegation 



Saturday 22nd January

Men’s Super League

IBB Polonia lost to Malory Eagles, 23:25 17:25 19:25

Richmond Docklands beat Sheffield Hallam, 25:17 25:21 25:16


Men’s Division One

London Aces lost to Manchester Marvels, 25:27 17:25 25:16 26:24 12:15

Richmond Bucks beat Stockport, 26:24 25:22 24:26 25:21


Women’s Super League 

Inter Orcas beat Tendring, 25:17 21:25 25:20 25:19

University of Nottingham beat Inter Crocs, 25:23 25:22 27:25


Women’s Division One

Bristol beat Richmond, 19:25 25:19 25:20 25:12


Women’s Division Three

Northampton beat Richmond 2, 25:23 25:20 25:23

UK Armed Forces lost to Richmond 2, 24:26 17:25 16:25


Sunday 23rd January

Men’s Super League

IBB Polonia lost to Sunderland, 23:25 17:25 19:25


Men’s Division Three

Richmond Bucks beat Manchester Marvels, 26:24 25:15 25:23


Women’s Super League

Inter Crocs lost to Inter Orcas, 17:25 25:27 18:25

Polonia SideOut beat Tendring, 25:15 25:16 25:22


Women’s Division One

Richmond beat Dartford, 25:21 21:25 25:16 25:21


Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton


Source: Volleyball England website