Tue. May 28th, 2024

London teams second and third in National League

Second and third are good but Malory and Docklands men and SideOut and Malory women all finished the season behind Durham as the division played its final matches this weekend.

On Saturday, IBB Polonia produced one of its best performances of the season against Sheffield Hallam at their London venue. After a great show, the hosts won the game 3:1 under the watchful gaze of coach Greg Niski. The three points does not alter their fifth position in the table.

The home team started the match very motivated. The players wanted to put on the best show possible for the gathered fans at the last match Mens’ Premier Division of the season. The first two sets were totally under control of Niski’s players which they won by 15 and 16 points. The third set began in similar fashion with IBB Polonia in ruthless form but following a few personnel changes by Niski, five juniors were given court time and this was enough to destabilise the team and the visitors squeaked the set 23:25. The final set looked more like a volleyball exhibition set, with the Londoners demolishing the visitors 25:8 thanks to some serving rockets and monstrous blocking. The gathered fans were able to put on a party atmosphere throughout and made a huge amount of noise in support of their team.

Polonia SideOut cemented their second position in the Women’s Super League when visiting Camden Town to take on Inter Orcas. The two sides provided an entertaining match but the visitors eventually prevailed in three close sets. Meanwhile, away in Cambridge, Malory Eagles were forced to play very hard to overcome Anglia Ruskin University after losing the first two sets to show they were worthy of third place in the league. 

Dartford Chargers were at home to Oxford in Women’s Division One and won in three close sets while Richmond, at home to Sunderland, needed four to close the season with a win as well. London Lionhearts who had already completed their fixtures finished second in the division behind Bristol.

However, the season ended with a loss for Giants in Women’s Division Two. They went down to Essex Trinity at home despite a promising opening set and a spirited fight-back in the third.

On Sunday Malory Eagles looked as though they would lose second place in the Men’s Premier Division to Richmond Docklands as they went down in the opening two sets away to Newcastle, Staffs. But, showing great character, claimed the three remaining sets to finish the season one point ahead of their west London rivals.

Meanwhile Durham Palatinates were in London wrapping up their Women’s Premier Division title against Inter Orcas who were already secure in fourth place in the table.

Playing away in Doncaster in Men’s Division One, Aces recovered well from a poor third set but were unable to avoid defeat by a team a couple of places lower in the table. However, in the same division Richmond Bucks overcame an unexpectedly strong challenge from bottom of the table Cambridge Anglia Ruskin University to cement second place in the league.

Similarly, Giants secured their second place in Men’s Division Two when they comfortably overcame Urbond at home.



Saturday 9th April

Men’s Super League

IBB Polonia beat Sheffield Hallam, 25:16 25:16 23:25 25:8

Men’s Division One

Cambridge ARU lost to Richmond Bucks 13:25 23:25 21:25

Miners Doncaster beat Aces, 25:17 24:26 25:10 25:22

Men’s Division Two

Giants beat Urbond, 25:15 25:14 25:15

Women’s Super League

Inter Orcas lost to Polonia SideOut, 16:25 24:26 23:25

Cambridge ARU lost to Malory Eagles, 26:24 25:18 12:25 19:25 10:15

Women’s Division One

Lionhearts beat Sunderland, 25:21 25:19 25:14

Richmond beat Leeds Gorse, 23:25 25:18 23:25 25:16 18:20


Sunday 10th April

Men’s Super League

Newcastle, Staffs. Lost to Malory Eagles, 25:17 25:21 19:25 19:25 13:15

Women’s Super League

Inter Orcas lost to Durham Palatinates, 19:25 13:25 16:25

Women’s Division One

Dartford Chargers beat Oxford, 25:19 25:22 25:23

Richmond beat Sunderland, 25:21 14:25 26:24 25:21

Women’s Division Two

Giants lost to Essex Trinity, 21:25 16:25 23:25


Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton


Picture, IBB Polonia VC