Thu. May 30th, 2024

Tuskers pull out

Competition down to eight teams

Tuskers’ anticipated visit to Cobras next week will not now take place. The sad news is that Tuskers have decided to withdraw their women’s team from the division. Team secretary Jonathan Doyle explained that, having lost some players and without enough to make a team, it had no alternative.

It was a decision made with a heavy heart for the club has been playing in the London League for some forty years and, although it had hoped to continue for the rest of the season, it had been struggling for a couple of seasons now and had the fear that the problem might arise. Jonathan added his apologies to all the division’s participants adding, ” As team secretaries you will know how hard it can be at times to organise volleyball players (they are like cats).”.He also thanks Sepideh Yousefi, the divisional administrator and expresses his thanks and regrets.

It’s a sad day for London volleyball, put into words by President Charlie Orton and League Secretary, Cisel Ormanci. The league rules require the rest of their matches to be recorded as a 3-0 loss with a point penalty deducted for each game. The League Table will become a poignant tribute to a faithful club. Let’s hope it won’t be a permanent departure.

Source, Cisel Ormanci
Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton