Tue. May 28th, 2024

National Cup/shield competitions

Onyx men and women to take on Malory Eagles and Polonia Ladies

Every season, it seems a shame when, in the first round of the National Cup, several London teams eliminate another London team. However, the prospect of long distance travel would be a disincentive to competing, especially when the entries include a men’s and a women’s team from the Isle of Man even though closer investigations tells us they play their home games in Derby. So it was sad to see Wapping go down to Aces particularly after a good result in the preliminary round against Wimbledon Wolves.

A good win in three sets has earned London’s Onyx team a second round game in the national men’s Knock-out Cup against Super League competition, Malory Eagles. The side looked determined to overcome a spirited effort by Kent club Tonbridge who put up a tremendous fight in the third set. The prize is another away fixture but, this time, in London.

KS Osemka welcomed visitors from the south coast and had to raise their game in a solid second set by the visitors to win in three sets and earn another home fixture in the next round, this time against strong opposition in Urbond Portsmouth who needed four sets to defeat the Army at home. After the match Tad Dan reminded us, “The club had an amazing run in their last Cup adventure and were keen to get their season off to a good start. Many players involved in the last campaign are still with the club and were hungry for success, knowing another home tie awaits them in the second round.” In a London derby Aces were taken to four sets at home by Wapping who showed a surprising change of form in a 18:25 third set. Aces will play South Hants or Weymouth beach at home in the next round.

Two close games and a one sided one for London clubs in the Women’s Cup on Sunday. Onyx emulated their men in four close sets against visitors, Invicta, who forced them to work hard for victory after taking the second set. Like their men Onyx’s reward is a tie against a top club, this time away to Polonia Ladies, There was a not too dissimilar pattern of play in Wimbledon where the home side regained the initiative in the third set after losing the second but were made to work hard to earn their tie away to Cambridge in the fourth. In the South-west Wimbledon got the better of visitors Worthing who took a very close second set. By contrast White Bears dismissed Spellthorne Sharks in one of the most one-sided ties ever, the hosts not making double figures in any of the three sets. What a contrast their next cup outing against top class opposition away to Orcas is likely to be.



Saturday 25th September

Men’s Cup, 1st Round

Aces beat Wapping, 25:17 25:16 18:25 25:16

KS Osemka beat Sussex, 25:12 25:20 25:17

Tonbridge lost to Onyx, 11:25 15:25 24:26


Sunday 26th September

Women’s Cup 1st Round

Onyx beat Invicta, 25:21 22:25 25:20 25:19

Spellthorne Sharks lost to London White Bears 4:25 4:25 7:25

Wimbledon beat Worthing, 25:17 24:26 25:14 25:19


Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

Source, Volleyball England web site.