Thu. May 30th, 2024

IBB Polonia London’s match shirts display a world famous author. The matches with PGE Skra and CEV Champions League campaign

On Wednesday 30th September, IBB Polonia London presented its squad for the 2021/2022 season and simultaneously played a friendly game with their friends PGE Skra Bełchatów who have been the generous hosts for the Londoners for their training camp in Poland. The match was played with brand new match kit displaying the latest theme linking the UK and Poland. The match kit will also be displayed during the CEV Champions League matches of the first round against Soligorsk from Belarus.

The event which took place on Thursday in the Energy Hall in Bełchatów had been eagerly anticipated by fans for months and took place thanks to the cooperation between the two clubs. The event was a great spectacle for the fans. Both teams showed a good level of volleyball. Final result was 3-0 for PGE Skra Bełcahtów.

Joseph Conrad, the famous English author with Polish roots, was the chosen theme for the match shirts which continue the tradition for IBB Polonia London to display an emblem that links there two countries’ history. Apart from the usual historical approach, IBB Polonia London also displayed the branding of their sponsors IBB Builders Merchants, who for a number of years has supported The Club and works on its development and achievement of its long-term goals. In addition the logos of IBB.PL, Atlas, Boromax, Punto Pruszyński and appeared on the shirts. The increase in the number of logos is an indicator of the evolution of the London-based club over the last years and how they are heading for their goals.

The new design emphasis that for IBB Polonia London, the team with Polish roots its origins are important and it links the two great nations together, specifically during the Champions League competition for the third successive year. Due to the pandemic, the Londoners will be playing the first round of the Champions League competition with Soligorsk will take place at a neutral venue: in Poland. The games in Bełchatów will take place on 5th and 7th October and are planned for a 7 PM start (Warsaw time). Entrance is free. Fans will be able to attend in person at the “Energy Hall” in Bełchatów and will be able to support IBB Polonia London with its mission. In addition on Friday 1st October, the media accreditation system will take place which will enable interested parties to be involved during the game. The link for that information is:

“The match shirts remind us of interesting historical events. This time the legendary figure is Joseph Conrad. Born in Poland, the English author only learnt English in his twenties, but is widely acknowledged as one of the three greatest writers in the English language. He will appear on our shirts along with quotes from his work. This is important for our club to utilise the opportunity to promote our long standing mutual history. The players wear the shirts and fans can buy replicas and many will receive shirts as gifts from us. We are proud that we can honour the memory of this great figure and remind everyone of Polish English history: said Bartek Łuszcz, CEO of IBB Polonia London.

In previous years IBB Polonia London has displayed the following motifs on the shirts:

  • the 100th anniversary of the independence of Poland in 1918,
  • the 100th anniversary of Polish and British airforces,
  • the Silent Unseen
  • the Polish Air Force and the Battle of Britain.

IBB Polonia London is the seven times Champion of England and multiple winners of the National Cup. In previous seasons the team has played in many international arenas; taking part in the CEV Champions League, CEV Cup and CEV Challenge Cup. They have played twice for the NEVZA Cup and won it in 2019.

Pic. Paweł Piotrowski