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Double for Eagles

Double for Eagles

It was a week-end of encouraging results for London’s clubs although many matches were close, demanding determination and concentration. They ended with the caspital’s sides at the top of several league tables at this early stage of the season.

Saturday concluded with a “Derby” match between long-term rivals and after five tremendous sets Malory Eagles went to the top of the Men’s Super League following their early season win over the University of Nottingham beating Richmond Docklands despite going two sets down and only just shading the third. What a game both sets of supporters enjoyed!

Prior to the game, Malory Eagles women’s team in the Women’s Super League had enjoyed a briefer but equally close victory against Cambridge Anglia Ruskin University. With just nine points between the sides in three sets, it had proved excellent preparation for a season that looks like becoming a challenging one.

On the other side of the river there had been another London derby match in Men’s Division One in which London Aces, after losing the first set, triumphed over Richmond Bucks. Having opened their league season with a win, Aces went top of the league table, just reward for an excellent start to their season.

Lionhearts played their first fixture in Women’s Division One and, away in Milton Keynes took a little timer to settle against City before a masterful display in the second set prepared the ground for a winning start. Already, they ore one of only four teams without a loss so next week’s home fixture against Leicester Athena who have lost one of their two league games so far will be one to attract our attention.

On Sunday London Inter Crocs travelled to Colchester to face Essex Rebels in the Women’s Super League and, despite defeat, should be encouraged by a fighting display in which they retained a challenging position in all three sets despite losing all of them

In the Men’s Division Three triangular fixtures in Stowmarket Dartford Crossers shocked their hosts after the loss of the first set especially in their battling fourth set display that enabled them to shade it 28:30.

That seemed to set them up to face the other visiting team, Ashford Dorking and they won relatively comfortably before the hosts gained the consolation of victory to close the afternoon.

Another side they showed great character was Richmond who were at home to Hertfordshire in Women’s Division Two. After two very close sets that they won, each by the minimum two points, they made sure the visitors were never again in a position to mount a serious challenge.



Saturday 15th October

Men’s Super League

Malory Eagles beat Richmond Docklands, 22:25 19:25 27:25 25:21 15:11


Men’s Division One

London Aces beat, Richmond Bucks, 25:18 23:25 25:16 25:18


Women’s Super League

University of Nottingham beat Inter Orcas, 29:27 13:25 25:23 19:25 15:13 

Malory Eagles beat Cambridge Anglia Ruskin U, 25:23 25:21 25:22


Women’s Division One

M K City lost to Lionhearts, 23:25 9:25 15:25


Sunday 16th October

Men’s Division Three

Stowmarket lost to Dartford Crossers, 25:16 19:25 21:25 28:30

Ashford Dorking lost to Dartford Crossers, 16:25 17:25 18:25


Women’s Super League 

Essex Rebels beat London Inter Crocs, 25:19 25:20 25:19


Women’s Division Two

Richmond beat Hertfordshire, 25:23 27:25 25:16


Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

Source: Volleyball England web site